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Transforming your space

The transformable programme of pull-out and extendable tables and benches from ATIM has been specifically designed to maximise space. Utilising a patented system to integrate all of the parts (mechanisms and tops) within the element itself to ensure extra storage is not required and transforming furniture into practical table tops. ATIM firmly believes that function and beauty should be united in a good project.

ATIM’s ideas are born in the workshop, founded on extensive knowledge of materials and with constant communication with the various operators of the manufacturing process. A continuous process of product innovation is achieved through their internal research and development centre and in collaboration with designers and architects, allowing ATIM to stand out as a world leader in systems for extendable and pull-out tables.

ATIM, established in 1996 has been serving the furniture industry for over 20 years. Located near Milan, a city widely known as the capital of design. Combining the features of innovation, technology, creativity, and know-how with Italian design to manufacture products that guarantee quality and functionality; typical of the Made in Italy brand that is renowned around the world.

“We have always been engaged in finding innovative solutions for the modern life in order to catch up with new living spaces. Crisp interior design able to satisfy people’s requirements every day. Everything we do derives from our passion for innovation. Which I was thinking about the Trasformabili line, I wanted to realize a magic system, which would be able to convert a counter into a practical and solid table. This way, thanks to the cooperation with Architect Guilio Manzoni, the first Transformabili system was born: the frontrunner of a continuous success.” – Stefano Del Prete, CEO of Atim Spa.